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Why should people follow you?

We are in the first week of University and we are already exploring the concept of digital marketing, personal professional development and much more in the making. However, the absolute most powerful question I’ve been asked within this week is not from a lecturer, teacher or Professor. It was a fellow student that asked me. “Why should people follow you?” To be honest, the first thing that popped into my mind was “What kind of rude approach is that?”… However, a few seconds after, I quickly respected and understood the importance of that question, which might sound very basic, but if you think about it, what would your answer be?


I talk a lot about ‘The journey’. The journey to which destination?

I talk a lot about goals. Which goals?

I talk a lot about myself and my experiences throughout my everyday life.

I talk about my truth.

I talk about documenting.

However, where am I going and why do I believe that my words and actions are worth following?


My Why is

I want to wake up every day with the purpose to inspire people to do what gives them value in their life

That is the goal! And on this blog, on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Medium, LinkedIn etc. is where I distribute my truth by documenting my words and actions towards the goal!

My intuition says that in order to specify a goal, we must figure out who we are by practicing the concept of self-awareness. That is something that I am doing openly and publicly in order to have a track record of myself so that in 10 years from now I will be able to look back and see how I have grown, developed, and how far I have moved towards my goal.

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Speaking of ‘my goal’, I want to use this opportunity to clarify and brainstorm about what my long-term and short-term goals are, step by step.

Side note: First of all, If you have followed me since I was in college, you would know that my interests and “goals” has been all over the place with no real clarification of what I want to do besides from being an entrepreneur. Part of that is because I have been naive, and afraid of looking stupid by failing. But as I look back on my blog posts from Denmark, and then moving to LND, placing myself in a situation where I REALLY  had no other choice than to figure out who I was and who I wanted to become (aka. #SelfAwareness) I now see a path.

I want to build my own business. What kind of business?

The honest answer is, I don’t know…yet!

However, I know why I want to, and therefore I believe that throughout my years in University I will find my core passion and learn how to sell products and or services by tools of Marketing and Advertising which is the field I find extremely interesting as it touches base on consumer behaving, creativity, giving value and much more which I will be sharing as I move forward.

BUT, for me, going to University doesn’t mean that I will learn everything, actually, to put in extreme context, I am well aware that what I will read today might be outdated tomorrow or in an hour. Therefore I am very keen and driven to get internships with 3 very important, but different companies.

  1. I would love to learn and experience the hustle of working on the client base of Marketing, such as working with the Ralph Lauren Marketing team.
  2. My intuition says that the experience and learning process of working on the agency side of Advertising will be such a powerful tool within my personal development in order to learn the principles of working with speed.
  3. Finally, I’ve always had a dream of working with the GQ Mens digital advertising team, as I have an interest or what people might call ‘passion for self-expression’ within fashion. This is a dream which I will work my butt off to make a reality!


I want to be the one I never saw as a young 10-year-old dreamer!


I believe by sharing my journey, my truth, by words and actions, to get those internships, sharing my hustle, my experience at Uni, my frustrations, my UPS and DOWNS, my thoughts work ethic, culture, being Persian etc… (Side note: Keep an eye on categories). Basically just documenting! Documenting and distribute on channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Medium, Twitter Linked. By this, I will be able to live out ‘My Why’ and inspire people in my age group between 18-29 to start doing and stop wondering about what you are going to do, or what other people think of you if you do…. Just as I have been doing the majority of my life.

TOGETHER, let’s stop pondering and start doing!
I would love getting a DM or seeing a comment from you saying

Hey man, I have been wanting to start out this thing for x years and now I have just created an Instagram page, and medium profile contacting between 100 to 150 business and influencers every week to get exposure online in order to grow my product into a business etc. etc.


Hey man, I’ve seen you Snapchat and Instagram stories for awhile and since I changed the way I looked at ‘fitness and being healthy as being simple’ I am now going to gym 2 times a week etc. etc.

People should not follow me because of me, but because of themselves!
I document my truth of becoming an entrepreneur, and everyone is welcome to tag along with their own path: #DocumentingTheJourneyOfBecoming

// Thank you, talk soon.

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