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ARE WE RUNNING TODAY #31DayChallengeClub


Now, first of all, this is not a vlog from today. However, with the concept of #31DayChallengeClub going on, I thought it would appropriate to explain again what the concept is about, as well as giving an idea of how you may or may not use the hashtag.


You see, the goal is to create a good habit for yourself. The way I encourage you to do so is, by committing yourself to do that thing which YOU have decided that you want for yourself.

Here is an example:

  • Goal:
    • You want to run every morning.
  • Challenge:
    • 31 days in a row you will have to wake up and go out for a run.
  • How to use the hashtag?:
    • You are now outside, you are about to start your route. You take a picture of your running shoes or the sun or a selfie with a thumbs up etc. You post that picture on Instagram or Snapchat or on Facebook or any other platform. However, in the caption, after you have written what you want to write you’ll add the hashtag: #31DayChallengeClub.
  • What does the hashtag do?
    • It helps you keep track on how far you are in the process E.g. If you write the number on every post “15/31”. Basically, you are documenting your process and sharing it with others who will be inspired by your actions and not your words.


An open playlist #31DayChallengeClub is created on Spotify for you to add songs that help you get into the right mindset for the challenges ahead!

Photo credit: Steven Lelham on Unsplash / Edited by me.

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// Thank you, Salute

Please leave a comment on your challenge, I am curious to know šŸ™‚

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