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My friends and I was invited to a fashion show with the designer Joshua Kane and to be frank with you guys, I had no clue what or who this designer was, but now I definitely have a better idea of who he is as a designer, and I actually did like some of the pieces from the show. If I have to choose one, it would be the ‘Balmain looking’ shirt-jacket with gold embroidery. Believe it or not, this was my first time going to a Fashion Show! Obviously, it wasn’t my favorite designer, but this experience definitely made me want to attend more fashion shows in the future.
Source: © Chris Yates

See images from the show here: Joshua Kane autumn/winter 2017 collection catwalk show for LFW 

One last thing… I have noticed one specific thing in terms of Men’s fashion this year. Ropes, yeah, ropes are becoming a thing within men’s accessories, or in other words as ‘outside belts’. Actually, I believe it is going to be a trend that is going have its peak this spring-summer. The good thing is, you don’t necessary need a rope or an expensive Balmain ‘belt’. You can use almost everything. For instance, I decided to use one of my favorite ties, to give that final crispy punch to the outfit, which I often seek when I put outfits together.

Here are two photos of me before the show: Try it out champs!

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