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I want to wake up every day with the purpose to inspire people to believe in doing what gives them value in their life

If you just discovered my blog you’re probably still trying to figure out what I am about?

I’ll make it very simple; I am about the truth, my truth.
My truth on living in London.
My truth on working at Ralph Lauren
My truth on Studying Marketing Management at University Of Greenwich
My truth on wanting to start my own company
My truth on living away from my family
My truth on the lifestyle I currently have the desire to have!
My truth!

By building pillars I will make it simpler for you and for myself to share with you what I call my truth. This may I may not inspire you, it may or may not start a spark or maybe, it will add a kick to the obstacles you have in front of you. Whatever my truth does to you, know this:

My intention is not to make you go ‘rah-rah’ for a second and don’t do anything about it, just like I’ve done so many times with people I watch and listen to. My intention is to make you realise the reality of what is possible in the era we live in. By doing and sharing what I am doing, hopefully, 3 things will happen:

  1. You’ll realize the importance of being self-aware aka ‘self-awareness’.
  2. You’ll find the courage to do your thing.
  3. You’ll cut the bullshit excuses which you are telling yourself!

Now, I hope you now have a little idea of what I am about, my intentions and what I desire to do. In case you got questions, or any thoughts on your mind which you wish to share with me, please feel free to DM me, write a comment or find me on Snapchat: Danielnajafi_11

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