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Yesterday morning, I watched this short ‘behind the scenes ‘ clip of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Very short, he talks about how sometimes people have the best intention. But, in the action of doing what they think is right, they end up assaulting the other part. Honestly, I am 100% sure you can relate to this, no matter what side of the story you are, it is hilarious and proof of how lack of cultural understanding and lack of truly listening can backfire.


I don’t want to say it. It is not politically correct. But, you know what, f**k it.

Back in Denmark, the majority of my friends are Danish aka. (in order to make the point) white. Though I am born and raised in Denmark, my blood is Persian and I am blessed enough to have two different cultures in my system. Now listen, I never demand that my friends or the people around me adapt to my Persian side of culture, yet, I do demand them to respect it. However, sometimes they just misunderstand the point. They basically ‘overdo it’. I guess they have no bad intention. But, usually, the issue occurs due to lack of knowledge on the differences between the “two worlds”. In my case, being a Persian (Iranian) is for others the same as being an Arab or just someone in the middle east and probably also a Muslim, right? First of all, if that was the case, no problem. But, that is not the case. I’ve needed people to save me from eating pork and no, it does not make them look good or aware of my cultural by saying: Oh hey, you can’t eat that there is pork in it. (Throwback to every cantine lady I’ve had in school).  Ironically, the same people used to ask me why I don’t drink when I was out?  You see, these people don’t have any bad intention. But, things like this drains the energy of “us”, especially when we have to explain and educate “these people” on how/why/what we are about time after time. Again, the same people. It is not just lack of knowledge. But, lack of listening, understanding and respecting.

To my little brother who is in the teens, to you who are a grownup, to you who just moved to Denmark, to you who sometimes feel that the people around you don’t understand you due to the cultural differences etc. To you I say: Keep on being you, laugh it off. Make sure to stay true to who you are. Just because others don’t understand, or don’t take in what you are explaining to them, there is no reason for you to start questioning yourself and changing yourself. No, keep on developing for the better, not for the sake of others lack of understanding.

Daniel Najafi


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