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Today it’s one of those days we have been fed to “hate” since we were little… By media, parents complaining about going to work again and so on… Therefore, I wanted to share my point of view about days like today, MONDAYS, with you!

Since I’ve started listening to podcasts, motivational speeches and surrounded myself with hard working and positive people, my view on Mondays and hard work has changed significantly. I’m fully aware of the fact that we have good days, bad days and days we don’t want to work. However, what irritates me sometimes, is when I hear or see people complaining about bad results or lost opportunities or this thing called “depression”. You know what I think, I think sometimes we expect great things happening for us by taking the easy way, such as; cheating with tasks, going to the gym once a month or just complaining aka. just dreaming…



If you do what is easy.. complain about your situation, your circumstances… If you do what is easy…stand around and be a volunteer victim like everybody else.. If you do what is easy.. surrender and give up on your goals.. become depressed and bitter and angry.. anybody can do that…. If you do what is easy, your life will be hard!

But if you do what is hard keep coming back again and again and again. If you do what is hard… approaching strangers, talking to people in shopping malls. Get up dressed every day… Going out prospecting knowing that someway somehow… When the spirit of expectations… somebody’s out here looking for an opportunity.

You can go outside right now and see some pigeons, but you are out hunting for eagles.. and they are not coming, And if you do that over and over and over again.. somebody is going to show up. Somebody is going to say I am the one.

The only one that can stop you from winning is you…The enemy is not neighbor… The enemy is not your co-worker. Your enemy is not your boss. The enemy is staring you in the face every morning you wake up.

“Now go, go and do what you gotta do”
Ciao, NJ

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