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I have learned from my previous experiences, I know that by announcing that you have or are about to start your own company/business, the level of expectations rise to the roof and people get curious very fast. Now, for you out there thinking about starting your own as well, be careful about the attention you get suddenly get, it is addictive. You don’t believe me? Let me ask you this, how many people do you see on Facebook putting the title ‘Entrepreneur’ on their Instagram but never actually show what they do. This is what we call ‘Want-reprenueres’ and the numbers are rising. Why? Because it is now a sexy title, it has become a cool thing to say.

I am being honest here, I have been one of them. But, the reality is, after a certain time you start feeling embarrassed about having to reply to peoples’ questions, such as: “So how it is going with the business?” “Can I buy from you?” etc. etc. These people are genuinely supporting you and they actually just want to help you. You see, your success is their success, cause they know you. The ONLY problem is when you tell people you are doing things you haven’t actually done because when you first start you don’t realise how long things take (even the small things can take ages). However, the people around you who do not have any experience in starting a company, their perception of how fast something goes from idea to reality is much faster than the truth, and THAT is what puts the pressure on you as an aspiring entrepreneur. To be fair, I’ve just recently put myself onto that pressure again by announcing that I am running JDM Social.

Just like anything else in business, it is a lot of pressure and some have the stomach for it and some might not. There is no right or wrong, what’s ‘right’ is to be self-aware and not be ideological about what you are “supposed” to do.

Now, you can take that pressure and crumble because you are afraid of having to let ‘them’ down, all the people who are just waiting for you to shine or maybe, you are afraid to live up to what the nay-sayers say about you and your “crazy ideas, goals and visions”. I personally find it super helpful to reverse engineer the bad energy to something positive. Firstly, your failure is your failure… Secondly, we got to stop thinking that we are entitled to please others opinion or thoughts about us. Do the work and let the work do the most talking. You see, that is sexy!

Again, thank you for reading.

Daniel Najafi

Link for JDM Social:


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