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Exclusive talk with şükrü Cimrin – Part 1

Waow! Jeg er målløs, jeg er taknemmelig og ikke mindst super spændt på det du skal til, at læse. Før du ruller øjnene længere ned i teksten ville jeg kort fortælle hvorfor jeg har det sådan. Overfor vores lejlighed i Alanya ligger der et stort og helt nyt hotel med navnet Sunprime C-Lounge måske har du hørt navnet før i andre lande. Men i Alanya er det helt NYT og for at gøre en lang historie kort, har jeg fået æren og blive gode venner med en mand jeg ville sætte i kategorien ”powerful people”. Han er bygget af noget helt særligt. Respekt, hårdtarbejdende, talentfuld og ydmyg er nogle af de kerne kvaliteter han besidder. Derudover er han ejer og partner af førnævnte hotel. Denne mand sat jeg mig ned med i 2 dage og fik snakket med, alt fra himmel til jord. Denne snak endte ud i et formidabelt interview samt blog indlæg på Engelsk, hvortil han fortæller om hans kampe, sejre og rejsen fra en ambition til en realitet m.m Du kan læse part 1 herunder:

In English
“Whoo! I am speechless, I am grateful and  last but not least super excited about what you´re about to read. Before you roll your eyes further down in the text, I would briefly explain why I feel this way. Across from our apartment in Alanya there is a large and new hotel called Sunprime C-Lounge, maybe you have heard the name before in other countries. But in Alanya is BRAND NEW. A long story short, I have had the honor to become good friends with a man I would place in the category “powerful people”. He´s built out of something really special. Respect, hard working, beyond talented and humble are some of the core qualities he possess. In addition he is one of the owners and founders of the hotel. I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with him  for 2 days were we had a talk about everything under the sun. This conversation ended in an amazing interview and blog post, in which he share his struggles, victories, and the journey from ambition to reality. You can read part 1 here #enjoy

His name is şükrü Cimrin, and at the young age of 42 he has achieved what many others just would dream of.

Member of board at ALTAV (Alanya Tourism & Promotion Foundation)
Alanya Municipality - City Council Member
Owner of a successful Construction & Real estate service company
Investment specialist
Educational background
Started his educational background at a private highschool in Alanya and then studied economics for 4 years in Gazi University in the capital city, Ankara. After university he studied Money and Banking at Ziraat Bank Banking School where he officially became an investment specialist.

The talk

The first question I will share with you guys is a question I find very interesting and which the answer tells you which kind of individual and mindset you are dealing with.

”What´s your passion in life?”
First of all: ”To be very good at whatever I do!” & ”Not only be happy, but also make happy!”
”It´s important for me that my wife are happy cause I am here, it´s important for me that my children are happy because I am here and it´s important for me that my staff are happy that I am there.

With that being said. I will now quickly comment on that answer.
The impression I got from şükrü just by the first “Merhaba” (“Hi” in turkish) was unique and something I find very important in this modern and globalised world we live in. I once heard a family member of mine say “You never know who walks up to you, who could push you towards your dream. Stay humble enough to know that you´re not better than anybody & wise enough to know that you´re different from the rest.” Even though I know he had some of that saying from a quote on instagram, he was 100% right! Against all odds, şükrü made a impression on me that we were on the same level. He listened patiently to what I had to say, ask or even suggest. That is something I truly admire and which I strive for and hope to pass on to the next generation.

The beginning

After finishing his studies he served 8 months in the military. Afterwords he got a job at the bank he had studied as a investment specialist. He worked there for  one and a half years. At his final year, at this point at time we are in 1999, he was asked by his family if he wanted to come home and work with them at a small hotel which at that point had only 18 rooms. He told them ”yes” and this was first time şükrü got to experience how it was to manage a hotel, which turned out and be a very good decision later on in his life. At the point of time he got the role as manager he had 5 people working for him, however he was very curries to know everything and every spot on the hotel, so he was everywhere from Administration and the Guest Services/Entry level, the only thing that was left for other qualified people was the cleaning of the rooms.

First time in Denmark
While he worked at the hotel he noticed that there came a lot of danish people to the hotel and at the same time he also made friends with some of them. Step by step he got more and more curries about who these danes and scandinavian people was in general. What did they like? why? And what kind of taste and culture did they had? These were some of the questions şükrü had in mind while he travled to denmark for the first time in 1999. The funny part of this trip was that he decided to visit Denmark in November, so when he explained to people that he was their for vacation, they thought he was “crazy” to come to such a cold place, hehe. However if you ask me, I think that this act shows his loyalty, leadership and the need for excellence.

A bigger vision

A hotel with that kind of  limited capacity they closed at winter time. But at preseason he worked full time at his father shop, who sold equipment for famers. After living this life for a few years, şükrü felt that the hotel became to small for him and also a bit boring, he wanted to try new things. But while he was curries on the new things he also had a bigger vision of himself, a dream, a goal to lead for!

What should I do?

At that point of time the following question came in mind, and I quote:

”Then I thought to myself, what should I do?”

Luckily he did not got much time to get stressed in any how, cause then a travel agency offered him a job in Alanya. I quote: ”It only took me a second of thinking before I had accepted the offer.” şükrü knew that the job would be tough and difficult for him, but he accepted the offer with a clear mind of that it would help him get closer to his dream. In the meantime his family had started a business together were they made luxury homes in Alanya. We are now at the end of year 2005 and şükrü had worked 2 years for the travel agency. His father and uncle then asked him to come home and join the family business. Even though it may seem like a easy choice, he determined that he only would come back on 1 condition, which was full responsibility. They accepted his condition and a long story short, since that time has şükrü been in the family business.

From past to present

My dream was always to have a bigger hotel like Sunprime C-Lounge because I felt and knew that we have this energy and capacity. It was not about money or being wealthy. It is more about ambition and using your resources better.

Let us now go from past to present. The year is 2015 and the date is 7th of May. And just like the well known Martin Luther King told in his famous speech: ”I have a dream”  şükrü made his dream come true by the opening of his first BIG hotel with the name ’Sunprime C-Lounge’ placed in his hometown Alanya. A hotel that gathered all of his knowledge, experiences and inspiration in to one “piece of art”.

”Where did you get your inspiration from?”
A lot of my inspiration came from the danish people and their since of design, and Finland was also a big inspiration as well. Finally did Thomas Cook and his team also gave him a lot of great inspiration to work with, in order for him to create not only what he claims to be his dream hotel, but that the guests that comes to Sunprime C-Lounge would think the same.

That’s it for Part 1 of “Exclusive talk with şükrü Cimrin

I’ll be back very soon with Part 2, where şükrü among other things will share 10 exclusive advices that led him to success! The last advice would especially surprise you.


Deres egen "underground" som føre direkte til stranden.
Sunprime C-Lounges own “underground” which leads directly to the beach.


















The entire hotel pleases the guests with Bose surround sound system.
















Images by, Daniel Najafi

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