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Happy New Year!

It’s easy to get sentimental during the holiday seasons, due to Christmas pushing on family and love feelings followed up by New Years which carries the pressure of looking back at our achievements and career goals etc. I guess we all know about the famous ‘New Years resolution’ stage. Setting up goals and hopes for the year ahead based on things we did or didn’t do, just as we did the previous year and the year before that and so on. I mean how many do you know who will break their resolution in 2 weeks?

I would lie if I told you I didn’t fell into the stage of looking back and questioning myself about everything from love to personal goals and achievements… “Did I do what I wanted to do in 2017?”

In order to answer my own question I opened my phone, went through every picture and video from Dec.2016 – Dec.2017 and realized in 2017 I DID what I wanted to do!

Here are some highlights:

IN 2018?

I’ll make it short.

2017 was about taking decisions and change my direction.

I did that!

2018 is going to continue on the word ‘change’. It will be about 2 things, Mindset and to Do!

Share more, help more, test more, work more, fail more, win more…

For years, my issue with perfection has gotten the best of me, making me not do things I want to or test, due to fear of being wrong or fail. I’ve always felt the need to be right like I was chasing ‘perfection’ and not my hero… Therefore I write F**K New Years resolutions.

I believe in having “A Life Resolution”, something that helps to define who you are and who you want to become. A New Year for me is about more than just setting new goals. It’s about putting things in perspective. To sum it up, 2 weeks ago my little brother David, showed me a specific video clip from the actor Matthew McConaughey. It was his Oscar acceptance speech for winning best actor. In his speech he shares 3 things he needs each day:

  1. Someone to look up to.
  2. Someone to look forward to.
  3. Someone to chase.

These 3 things are universal, no matter what your 3 things are I believe it helps you keep going and puts you in the right mindset of what a real-life resolution is.

– Click here to see the speech –

Happy New Year!
Daniel 🙂

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