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For the last four days, I’ve been struggling to finish, or should I say to put the right elements together for this idea of a blog post I had, which is based on my perception of ‘being healthy’. Initially, I wanted to write a quick and short post. But, as I started to write I kept finding interesting elements, simple tips and trick to why I believe being active is simple and finally, I realised the impact my family had on my health just as well as the story of how I, at the age of 14 got sick and tired of being slow on the football pitch and then decided to change my lifestyle. All this and more was elements I tried to place into one red line of a blog post. However, today I woke up with an idea:

I am going to make a blog post series out of this. What you are reading now is a trailer to what will become a 3 to 4 part series of a blog post about my perception of health. I will be talking about my perception of working out, dieting, alcohol, smoking and also, I will share my story of how and what made me put my health on a pedestal.


I see the world now as a place where health sometimes can be taken to an extreme. I mean, don’t you sometimes feel the pressure of having to be healthy in a way where you need to go to gym 7 days a week, change your diet to ‘no-carbs’ ‘no gluten’ ‘go vegan’ ‘go vegetarian’… etc. Now, when you read this, I might sound like a hypocritic, cause… “isn’t that just a good thing, not just for yourself. But, also for the environment”? To be fair, it is a good thing. But sometimes, in my opinion, by taking things to the “extreme” you’ll end up losing the consistency.

You see, initially, it is about adapting to a certain lifestyle. But, this lifestyle should not jeopardise your soul. Prioritise who you are, who you want to be and don’t spend time with anything that will antagonise your character. Life is not a popularity contest. Be brave, take the hill. But, first, answer that question: What’s my hill? For me it is a measurement of 4 things:

  1. Brotherhood.
  2. My health (mind, body and spirit).
  3. Career.
  4. Friendships. 

I want to keep all of them in healthy shape and I know that if I don’t take care of them, one of them is going to get weak. So first, we have to define health for ourselves and then we have to put in the work to maintain it. Take that daily tally, tend our guard, keep the things that are important to us, in good shape. Defining ourselves by what we are not is the first step that leads us to really knowing who we are.


You know that group of friends that you hang out with, that really might not bring out the best in you. You know, they gossip too much or maybe they’re kind of shady. Deep inside, you know that they really aren’t gonna be there for you in a pinch.


I bet you know about that food or drink that we keep eating/drinking, stuff that tastes so good going down but, makes us feel like crap the next week.

Well, here is my advice. Those people, those places, those things, stop giving them your time and energy. Just don’t go there I mean, put them down and when you do this, when you do put them down, when you quit going in there and you quit giving them your time, you inadvertently find yourself spending more time and in more places that are healthy for you, why? Because you just eliminated the who’s, the where, the what’s, that were keeping you from your identity.


Look, trust me, I promise you this, too many options will make a tyrant of us all. So let us get rid of the excess, the wasted time, decrease our options. If you do this, you will have accidentally, almost innocently, put it in front of you what is important to you aka.’process of elimination’.

Knowing who we are is hard. So, give yourself a break, eliminate who you are not first, and you will find yourself where you need to be. You see, I don’t see myself as particularly ‘SUPER HEALTHY’. However, I am a firm believer and practitioner of my families core perception of being healthy:

“Eat everything, just in the right proportions & exercise regularly”

The issue I find is that our ‘mental commitment’ is lacking. We want to do it all in that one day, same counts for the ones of us who want to start a business, apply for jobs or something in between. We almost want to do it tomorrow yet, expect a response today, if just that was possible! In terms of health, I see people starve themselves for one day, go to the gym and do all the exercises that one day. But, what I’ve come to learn, is that by taking ‘baby steps’ you will end up adapting to the lifestyle in a way of consistency meaning, it will last as a part of your new identity. You see, I come from a family that taught me, from a very young age, that being active is simple! Think about it… Just for a second. Being active is simple, right?

We can walk, run, do pushups, crunches, steps and the list goes on. Also, the number of free apps which shows home-friendly workout routines is tremendously high, just type ‘Home Workout’ on your phone after you’ve finished this post.

My point is, give yourself a chance, give yourself a chance to change your habits. Give yourself a few days, few months or even a year to change those ‘bad’ habits. As you adjust to those new habits, you will see results and you will fall in love with those results. I guess the punchline is the following: Be in love with seeing yourself become a better version of yourself


“This was a trailer to what will become a 3 to 4 part series of blog post about my perception of health. I will be talking about my perception of working out, dieting, alcohol, smoking and also, share my story of how and what made me put my health on a pedestal.”

I am super excited about this, till next time, take care!

// Be Unique, Be you
Daniel Najafi
*Photo Credit: Ting_Mahaxay 


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