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First of all, for those of you who don’t know what I mean with ‘Document my truth’, let me quickly explain.

In my opinion, the number one mistake I see people make, by observing people who are pushing on the title of being an influencer or life coach, from young to adults and surely in my age as well, is that they’re trying to oversell themselves because they think they need it to get people’s attention. But, what I’ve come to realize is that the ROI of ‘talking to the world’ by sharing the process of what you are going through is much more powerful in the long term than the advice they think they should be giving others in the short term.

You see, it’s very simple. I share 3 key things: 1) My lifestyle 2) My thoughts 3) My journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Also called MY TRUTH. But, where I share it aka. the platform I distribute my truth varies, depending on where the current ‘attention’ is or is moving to. However, at the moment following is the outline:

?INSTAGRAM: (Danielnajafi)

?Snapchat: EVERY DAY (danielnajafi_11)

▶️YouTube: #Throwback (Tuesdays)

⬇️?BLOG POST: Wednesday + Friday + Sunday


“3) My journey of becoming an entrepreneur”

Yes, I said those exact words. In fact, the curiosity and passion for entrepreneurship was the reason for why I started my blog in 2013. What a journey, ha?

What have I sold?

What have I created?

Do you know?

Do you know about NanoGrip?

Do you know about Sneakprice?

Before you answer, let me guess… No.

Back then, I never acknowledged the power of sharing the process of my projects with people, before it had succeeded. I remember in the making of Sneakprice I switched from sharing the truth to hide it. In the beginning, I proudly told what I was working on. But, when the website didn’t end up working as planned I choose to hide the fact that I created this website. I was embarrassed by the failure and angry that I had to rely on an external person (the programmer) to create what I wanted to create.

Side note: I had a lot of verbally fights with the programmers at the time and was also scammed twice by two different programmers and lost more than £1000 in total… 

So, you see, I did not even make to the point of registering my project into being a real company and that broke me. Me, who people actually believed in. Me, who had all the answers. Me, who was determined to succeed. Me, who had promised people around me to see results. ME!

At the end of the day, I ask myself: “Do I aspire to be someone I am not” Or “Have I been focusing so much on pleasing other peoples opinions/thoughts and therefore, forgotten who I actually wanted to become and what it recures to become so”? Maybe being an entrepreneur isn’t my thing? or maybe it is? But, I can not live with the regret of not trying it.


I’ll keep it short, as I am planning to write an individual blog post focusing on explaining in details, what my project is about. I will be sharing my vision and the process of creating the platform. In short, it is a platform for men and women to get inspired, as well as inspire others. The project is called StylishMenOf. The content runs on Instagram and Facebook at the moment. However, a website is in the making, ‘build’ by me! #NotRelyingOnProgrammers and I am also planning to share the content on Tumblr.

Little background info: The last couple of months before I finished my third year at college, a friend and I started this project in Denmark called StylishMenOfDK, though I am not selling anything, I find it to be ROI positive in the long-term due to one thing I focus on; To give more than I ask for.

It’s all about mindset. There was a time where I was chasing short-term money because I thought had to prove something to people around me. But, I am no longer interested in hiding the failures or the struggles. As mentioned, I document my truth!

// Salute, thank you!
Daniel Najai

Photography by Ting Mahaxay

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