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I have been quiet for awhile now! Not just on my blog but on Instagram and Snapchat and in person as well. I have been thinking, pondering and looking for something, just something that would make it easy for me to decide…

Let the video run in the background (Not on the phone).

28th of July was the night everyone in Denmark got to know if they were given an offer from the University they’ve had applied for or not. With the start of September 2017.

Quick facts:
91,539 people have been applying for higher education this year. But approximately every fourth can expect a rejection of the study application if this year’s study program follows the past 20 years of admission. On average it is only 75 percent of applicants each year whom been offered a place, while 25 percent have either been rejected because their average level was not high enough or had been canceled because they did not meet the admission requirements.

HOWEVER, In LND, UK people who applied for University already got their answers months ago, more specifically, I got my answer by February 2017.

Oh, you didn’t know? I applied for a Marketing Management BA, (3-4 year) course at University Of Greenwich. I applied and let me just tell you this, it was not easy, I managed to win by extreme determination! However, that’s a story for itself, I’ll let you guys know (stay tuned).

2 x YES

SO?! What’s my situation like now? Was I given an offer from any of my applications? What did LND say? What did Denmark say?

Basically, if you look at those two pictures you’ll see I was given an unconditional offer from both parties which is a major blessing, and I couldn’t be happier, ESPECIALLY for getting an unconditional offer from a University in London is a dream come true!


Look, this is just a quick sneak-peek of my list of dilemmas, regardless of what people say, think, or society allows me to do in terms of my decision to study in DK or to stay in LND to study.

Staying in LND:

  • The mindset of people.
  • Multicultural understanding.
  • Major job opportunities.
  • Excellent work/intern-experience.
  • Master the English language.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • The name LND on your resume.
  • Luxury options next door.
  • Keeping my beautiful flat.
  • GREAT International friends.
  • The way of living (More to come…)

Going back to DK:

  • Free education (no depth)
  • Marketing management and communication course taught in English (100%).
  • Getting paid to study.
  • Family & Friends.
  • Time to start own projects.
  • Option to go back to LND to study for one semester before I finish.


For some people, it’s a no brainier. But for me, it’s NOT!
Why? The fact that I truly deep down love London, the people, the city, the atmosphere, the speed, the energy, the language etc…aside. When I decided to move to London my intention was never to move back again after one year. I promised myself to stay. When I decided to move, I moved for real! Whenever people asked when I would come home my answer will be something in the ways of: “I have no specific date”.

*Extra info: I dropped out of PIU, so I was never attached to any Danish study program which potentially could’ve forced me to go back.

All in all, The fact that I have the option to take a decision between two favorite courses in each country is a blessing itself. However, it would be much easier if only I had one option to go with… But again, as my friends here would say “always positive!”. Therefore I am now tired of being quite, It’s time to stop pondering and look at what is the Long term goal vs. Short term goal, have an 11th look at the pros and cons and get to sense that if I decide to go back I haven’t let myself down, I have grown up to become a man who takes decisions based on his goals, and most importantly staying true to myself regardless of what others say, think or believe.

More to come, soon
Thank you !

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