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Today I asked one of the sales associates at my new job (I’ll let you know soon): “What do you love the most about the job“? She loved the fact that she got to meet people, especially different people, every day. Before she got to ask me back I needed to go with my manager. But it got me thinking about what I would have answered. I don’t like to be a copycat but I think I would have to answer the same.

The Iranian

A few days ago, I got to meet the most stylish man I have ever seen in the store. He is an Iranian man, a doctor…surprise. As I saw him entrance the door I knew he had a personality, he “talked” with his style basically! The big ‘Kermanshah alike’ trousers (Kermanshah is a city in Iran) classic shoes with old fashion details on it and his accessories. For instance, his feather in the cap, and his stick made out of a beautiful animal or even his earphones which were from B&O. He basically loved fashion and were really into the minimalistic design, as he actually was on his way to Copenhagen.
One funny thing he said about himself when we found out we both spoke farsi, was: “Today everybody thinks we are t…. Look at his T-shirt and read what is says. Again, with his outfit he speaks to people. He had actually been given the chance to become a celebrity stylist. But he said no and choose the doctor way. I admire that! Basically, I just become so happy when I see “normal” Iranian people doing well and dare to express who they really are…cause media won’t show or allow it. I believe we should strive to make our mark on this planet and by meeting new people we should pass on that vision :))

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/ Until tomorrow, be unique be you!

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