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Hi again,
Hi stranger,
Hi friend,
Hi everyone.

I’ve been off for awhile.

When I look back at some of the comments’ and DMs’ I have received based on my Instagram stories I find myself in a strong position of gratitude. I truly appreciate your kind words on what I call ‘documenting my truth’:

Major shoutout to my friend, Duran, a man of true character:

The level of gratitude and respect I have for Ellie is major, I highly recommend you to check her out on

When people ask questions such as; what music I have in the background or how I use the features on my stories, I feel super grateful for the attention to detail as well as being happy to share my point of view on how to do things. In this case, my dear and super talented friend Jasmin is someone I truly respect for asking and observing, she is a true hustler, thank you. – Check her out on

Translated: “It’s always good with some inspiration here and there” 

I find these kinds of messages funny. It is no secret that I like to focus on the esthetics and the story within each piece of content. However, the punchline at the end of the day is: It’s my truth. I appreciate you, thank you!

Translated from Danish to English: “Your stories remind me of short films” “I gotta admit its nice to watch”

This man/marketer/CEO/Motivational speaker is someone who I highly respect and take inspiration from. Long story short; He was a guest speaker at our University. After greeting him when the presentation was finished, I featured him on one of my videos within my Instagram story. Hence how he saw my content and reached out to me. From that day I’ve been in contact with him as some sort of mentor. Go and show him kindness on

You see, I believe in the 51/49 theory which is about giving without expecting anything in return. But, when you do get something in return, such as a compliment, I am the last person to take that for granted. In this case, I ‘ve been following Molly’s content for a while after meeting here at a Swedish house party thingy. The way Molly portrays here pictures of food is absolutely stunning. It’s as every picture has a story or a feeling to it which is super relatable. All in all, I highly recommend you (unless you are hungry) to take a browse around here feed and press the follow button to show some kindness to one another, as Ellen says it. –

Finally, when people I don’t know DM me. I can not describe the boost of energy I get from it, as well as how grateful I am for the person to take time out of his or her day, just to let me know what he or she thinks.


However, there is a reasonable (in my opinion) reason for that. I simply decided to take a break from Instagram stories since January due to start of 2.term at University which I wanted to focus carefully on. Additionally, I stopped my frequently Instagram and blog posts from March as that was the ‘long excepted month’ where all of our assignments were due. So, what did I do instead? And why am I now “back” on the “keyboard” writing my truth?


Firstly, I could not completely lock myself out from documenting my truth therefore, I decided to put my time and energy into Snapchat. As I did that, Snapchat had just updated their app which allowed me to use some of the same features as I was using on Instagram, such as: Playing with fonts, new filters, and gifs etc… so I kinda did my Instagram routine through Snapchat.









Secondly, in between the time, where I was “on a break’

I basically prepared myself for this moment. This moment of joy, excitement and an unbelievably amazing realization that I finished the first year of my bachelor at University Of Greenwich, London!

You see, before I took a break I had started the concept of #31DayChallengeClub. Though I was on ‘a break’ I continued on the concept by recording myself and not posting it till… now:

Thirdly and finally, I’ve been brainstorming on strategies and ideas for how to optimize the content building, for myself and for my project ‘StylishMenOf. This resulted in the creation of some key content pillars which in terms of me; help on documenting my truth on a frequent basis as well as finding out what brings you most value as a reader/consumer/etc. In terms of StylishMenof; it makes the message and structure of the platform clear as well as bringing consistent valuable content to the end follower and creator.

All this might sound very wake and I don’t blame you for being a bit like; heh?

If you just discovered my blog you’re probably still trying to figure out what I am about?

I’ll make it very simple; I am about the truth, my truth.
My truth on living in London.
My truth on working at Ralph Lauren.
My truth on Studying Marketing Management at University Of Greenwich.
My truth on wanting to start my own company.
My truth on living away from my family.
My truth on the lifestyle I currently have the desire to have!
My truth!

By building pillars I will make it simpler for you and for myself to share with you what I call my truth. This may I may not inspire you, it may or may not start a spark or maybe, it will add a kick to the obstacles you have in front of you. Whatever my truth does to you, know this:

My intention is not to make you go ‘rah-rah’ for a second and don’t do anything about it, just like I’ve done so many times with people I watch and listen to. My intention is to make you realize the reality of what is possible in the era we live in. By doing and sharing what I am doing, hopefully, 3 things will happen:

  1. You’ll realize the importance of being self-aware aka ‘self-awareness’.
  2. You’ll find the courage to do your thing.
  3. You’ll cut the bullshit excuses which you are telling yourself!

Now, I have been ranting for a while. I hope you now have a little idea of what I’ve been up to and for what is in the making. In case you got questions, or any thoughts on your mind which you wish to share with me, please feel free to DM me, write a comment or find me on Snapchat: Danielnajafi_11

There is one more thing in the making which I am SUPER excited about! However, I am not saying more than myself and selected friends from Uni have decided to put theory into practice + more.

To be continued…
Thank you for reading, much appreciated

//Daniel Najafi

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