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So Daniel, how’s the cats?

They are no longer there cause I moved out. I realised something very important after a phone call with my family back home, the question was: What good comes out of spending your time on complaining?… Nothing.

I realised I had used so much energy of mine to just complain, feel bad for myself and even use my ‘bad living situation’ as an excuse for myself to why wasn’t happy and moving on with everything that I wanted in my daily life, such as going to the gym, eating healthy and the list goes on. BUT as mentioned I realised something very important: “Get a life…Stop making excuses for the way your life is now!!! Don’t dwell on the past, or on what has happened to you! Life happens to everyone!!! Stop telling everyone the same old story – 80% don’t care and 20% are glad it’s you… Get a life!!! You have more going for you than you realise…so use it!!! CREATE some positive things for yourself today!!! BELIEVE that you can dream again; CREATE once more; ACHIEVE another goal; LAUGH out loud! Life is waiting for you to explore it! LIVE FULL… DIE EMPTY!!! YOU have GREATNESS within you!”

With does words, I simply pulled myself up by my bootstraps and stopped complaining. I stopped complaining in front of my family, my friends, my colleges and myself. As mentioned “80% don’t care and 20% are glad it’s you!” So to make a long and hard working story short. I spend my lunch times to call, email and talk with people who could help me find another place to live in order for me to settle down for a few weeks, get my head together, find a routine and focus on my job as well. After one week and a half, I did it! A good friend of mine offered me a room at their house, amazing house with great people and without cats… So it was perfect for me. This lead us to the present. I now live here in my big lovely room. I working harder than ever at my job and I am getting credit for it, as well as being blessed to convert ‘walk in customers’, Instagrammers and previous clients as my own clients. My personal highlight at the moment is my private bookings with a client of mine who is getting married soon. I teamed up with one of the best guys at work in order to find some dapper outfits for his wedding. It is the most amazing and honorable thing I have ever been a part of, in my time in UK. It’s going to be great and I can’t wait to show you guys the final result.

/ Until next time

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