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My paperwork on the "floor"...
My paperwork on the “floor”…


My sharing W.C...
My sharing W.C…


Food everywhere on the floor...
Food everywhere on the floor…

I live with 7 cats in a small, one bedroom house, in zone 4.
I do not have my own room, I live in the living room. However, I have my own bathroom with a toilet, no shower. In my bathroom I’ve been giving the blessing to share my toilet with the cats, I mean literally just 10 cm to right. The “bed” I sleep on is a sofa-bed which bed is uneven. Let me paint the picture fo you: When I lay down, all my blood goes to my brain because my head is down and my legs are up in the air. BUT, at least I have a roof over my head, right?

Well, yes I guess. But when you pay 500 BNP p/w you expect to have a small place to place your things… In my case, I’m not allowed to have any of my suitcases in my “room” or near me. My things have to be in a closet, well that’s awesome… Or not. My closet is in landlady’s room. Basically, it means that whenever I want to get something from my closet I have to sneak into her room while she’s asleep in the morning and closely look in the dark closet and quietly pick the outfit I want to have on. I’m not allowed to have my paperwork aside the sofa… whenever I come home from work, I see it laying on my bedding or any random place.

In the meantime, while all these things are going on, I have to be ready for the smell…  yeah, as these seven cats are inside for the most of the time they do their number 1 and 2’s inside the house and let me tell you this, the smell makes you feel sick. The ironic part of all this is that the neighbour has a cat door screen in order for the cat to go in and out whenever it wants to, but he does not have any cats. The woman I live with, however, has no cat door screen.

The cats are messy, they spill food all over the place, they walk on the tables, dinner table, the sofa, the beds and all over the kitchen. One of the cats are hungry AF, it scratches every trash bag and cardboard find something to eat. Actually the very first night my parents where here visiting me, they bought me ‘rugebrød’ from Denmark. We placed it on the table and went to a restaurant, as we got back we saw that the cats had eaten half of it. I was pissed!

Speaking of pissed!

I’m pissed that no one told me how she lived?
The women I live with is a friend of my uncle’s wife… Both of them knew. My uncle and here wife knew how she lives, how could they ever propose me to live here. I’m not allowed to have a small corner for myself in the house… I’m like, what did she expect? Me moving here with a small suitcase and a tent to live in? I’m pissed…just by telling me I would have been prepared and then I wouldn’t feel used. Cause after a few weeks I realised why I was important to here…money, always money. I pay 500 BNP p/w for this. I realised it the first night I was home alone. I had turned on the main lights in the living room as it was dark. As soon as she came home she turned the lights off and turned on the lamp on the table, first I was like: Why do you want me to sit in the dark? Then I tried to do it a few more times, and every time she would come home, she would do the same. I’m pissed!

Nobody is perfect, but she apparently is.
You know that kind of person who will tell you their opinion in a way that only they are right, no matter what you say, think or believe in…yes, that’s how she is. She gives these long speeches about everything she knows and has an opinion on and whenever it’s my turn to reply and I share my opinion, which may be different from hers, she’ll be like: “No, the color is not blue, it’s red” – event hough the color is blue.


The title for this section is based on the visit of my parents. When they arrived they finally realised how I live and what I mean whenever I talked over the phone. The house I’m living in is broken and unclean, so with all respect, event though I told them not to, they cleaned the house, fixed some broken lights, broken installation in the toilet, not my toilet but here toilet and so on… Till this day she still hasn’t said thank you or anything?!

To top it off and before I finish, let me share the worst thing about my living situation…
I am allergic to cats!
After one month and a half, I finally got enough! It’s simply unhealthy for me to live here physically and mentally. I do not have the energy to answer, write or call my friends back in Denmark, I haven’t had the energy or passion for sharing anything on social media, only a few snapchats. I’ve been quiet… to many balls in the air (as we say it in Denmark), every bold has a story. The headlines are PIU, Ralph Lauren, House, Health, and routine. I need to sort everything out, but I’ve realised that until I’ve found a house or flat to settle down I won’t be able to have the time or energy to stay in touch with people I ‘ve been used to stay in touch with in Denmark, even my best friends… It’s hard but necessary, and if you are reading this, I hope you understand.

I’m doing my best to find a solution for my living situation. At the moment we are about 3-4 people who want to get a flat or house together, some awesome friends from Tiger Of Sweden and one working within Marketing. Whether it’s at lunch time at work, 6 o’ clock in the morning or at my days off, I am calling agencies all over London to find good places to view and then decide if my friends and I will make an offer.

But working with agencies is a pain the ass… but that’s another story.


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