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First of all, I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me and my family regarding the pass of my grandmother, Junjun (Miss.Iran) … yes, you read it right, here actual real name is Miss.Iran.

You see, the people who are closest to me know how much she means to me. However, January 28th, 2018, I shared it with everyone, thank you for reading it.


It is always hard to realize, accept or understand that someone you care deeply about no longer is with you. No matter the age, relation, reason etc. there will always be an emotional reaction. In my case, I caught myself being more focused than ever. I had expected to be a mess. Crying and being sad, not wanting to do anything, taking a break. But NO.

On the night I found out, I went out for a walk, talked with her and thanked her, for everything. As I got back from the walk I ended up writing 5 emails for 5 different companies applying for internships. I decided to make an action plan on how to sell a watch at work. I read a chapter ahead in our Creative Content Marketing book. I prepared 10 pictures for StylishMenOfUK. I was on fire! I didn’t smile, I didn’t cry. I didn’t sleep. So-called ‘determination’ was almost tattooed on my forehead, or maybe it was just a way of not thinking about it? To be honest with you, I think my mind still hasn’t realized what has happened. I am aware of the chance/risk of getting an emotional kick in an hour, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. However, at the moment I have this feeling of extra energy, extra passionate and extra confidence… Hmm, Junjun is it you?


Yesterday, when I was browsing through my Instagram stories, one specific story caught my eye. It was the man himself, Will Smith. It was like he spoke directly to me. He talked about how we as humans have a habit of blaming someone or something for why things go wrong aka. “It is his/her/its fault”. However, the truth is following:

It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is. It is YOUR responsibility to fix it! Your heart. Your life. Your happiness. Is your responsibility! And your responsibility alone. As long as we’re pointing the finger and stuck in whose or what fault something is, we’re jammed and trapped into ‘victim mode’. When you’re in ‘victim mode’, you’re stuck in suffering. The road to power is in taking responsibility. Your heart. Your life. Your happiness. Is your responsibility and your responsibility alone. Period! 

My grandmother always valued positivity and good health. Therefore, I am certain that she wants us, the family, to take responsibility for our lives and keep on living with a good sense of spirit in our hearts. I am determined to continue her legacy so that is exactly what I will do, take responsibility.

One more thing.

Junjun and I loved to get ‘Bastani Sonnati’ aka. Persian Ice Creme together and be surrounded by the family. I promise to keep that tradition, I promise.

Junjun (Miss. Iran) 28 January 2018,
Forever in my heart ❤️
Say hi to Grandpa!

// Thank you again, I deploy gratitude to you all! 
Daniel Najafi

Here is the Video/Story of Will Smith on Instagram:

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  1. Ardeshir Ardeshir

    Oh my son you are so grate. I am so proud of you. I love you so much. ❤❤❤❤

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