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I can’t do that, I have bills to pay, I am not good enough, I dont have experience, I need that in order to that etc. etc….

Think about it. Have you ever had following thoughts in your mind as you thought about doing something you want or maybe even something as simple as telling a person how you feel?

Basically, I talk about excuses. I touch base on the topic because it is something that is super personal to me. I hate failing, actually, the truth is… I am afraid of failing! And let me tell you this, I am sick and tired of this naive thought process, and these last couple of weeks I have pushed myself, challenged myself and forced myself to JUMP! Creating a Facebook page was a jump for me. Upload youtube videos again was a jump. Start sharing my thoughts and interest within platforms I am unfamiliar with, such as Medium, Twitter, and LinkedIn (as a sharing professional platform.) The fact that I decided to stay in London to study was a major jump! And tonight… I have finally jumped one small step forward in regards to my journey of becoming a real entrepreneur, which I will talk more about tomorrow. #DocumentTheJourneyOfBecoming

Finally, I will recommend you to click and watch the motivational speech from Steve Harvey, which in my case made me realize that it was about time I jumped. Maybe it’s about time you do as well?

//Thank you, talk soon

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