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Sometimes people just disappoint you, right?

I want to share something very powerful with you today. I bet I’m not the only one who’s dealt with disappointment before. It can be disappointment from others or it can disappointment of yourself. It comes and goes, that’s life, right? Or as they say ‘Sad love’… But, sometimes it just gets too much and you start to get this kind of ‘anger-with-an-attitude’. Lately, I have been experiencing a bit of this on the personal level. But, I managed to find my way around it and ‘reverse engineer’ it to my benefit. So, here is a snippet from the speech that helped me get into the right mindset:

“dealing with the issue of forgiveness”

Looking at some of the things that keep us from approving ourselves, we find things we don’t feel good about. We’ve all done some things we don’t feel good about, things that if we had to do those things over again, we would not do those things or we would do it differently. So, part of what we must do, in order to begin to move into your greatness, you got to remove a major energy block. And that is ‘dealing with the issue of forgiveness’.

People that have hurt you, someone who’s done you wrong, make a list, and things that you have done, this that you feel bad about, that you regret. Make a list.

There may be a time when you weren’t a good father or a good mother or a good brother, sister or you were a bad child, you didn’t do a good job or you lied or, you were dishonest or you stole. No one knows this but you. Make a list of all those things.

All of us have some of that. There is a saying which goes:

There is some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us

So, none of us escape. Now, here’s something I want you to do, I want you to become involved in an active process to get some clutter out of your life. So, if there’s any area in your life that you need to clean up, there are some people whose cluttering up your life, they serve no purpose whatsoever they’re just holding and occupying the space that somebody useful, positive, nurturing and contributing could be holding that space.

You even have time to look to see what else is out there, because you all have all of these people surrounding you that’s not enabling you to grow.  So, ask yourself: “what is it I need to get out of my life?”

Just start cleaning this stuff out. See, whatever you have in your environment is a reflection of your consciousness. So, you got all that chaos there that represents some disorganized cluttered section of your mind. So, let’s get all this out of there ‘alright?!’ Work to get that out clean that up, anybody that you feel very strongly about, have some negative feelings about, let’s look at some good reasons to forgive them.

Number 1

  • You must try and see what has happened or see things from that other person’s point of view, if look at it from their point of view that’s one area, that’s number one.

Number 2

  • Holding a grudge hurts you, it doesn’t hurt them, so, just for good health and peace of mind, let it go!

Any feeling of the resentment of anger or hatred is called to me ‘the load of bitterness within’, every thought that we entertain produces a chemical in our brain that impacts the body’s immune system.

Besides this person you are hating, they properly are not even aware of it, they don’t even know you are really hating them. You’ve turned up the steam, gone from dislike to hate, intensely and here you are killing yourself, making yourself vulnerable to various types of illnesses, putting yourself in bad health.

I say that person is not worth your sacrificing, your health or one minute of your peace of mind. You see, one minute of anger robs you of 60 seconds of happiness!

Decide instead to say: “It doesn’t matter!” let it go and experience the dignity and the magnanimous sense of the character of being big enough to move on and get on with your life, letting it go so you can grow!

//Daniel Najafi

Source: Les Brown Speech

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