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WHAT IS #31DayChallengeClub


#31DayChallengeClub is about creating good habits. Let’s encourage one another!

For starters, let me explain how I decided on “the name”…

It is actually very simple. In the beginning, I thought it would be as if I was deciding a company name. But, in this case, it was about answering a few questions (Why? Who? How?) and based on the answers I would decide on the name.

Looking for hashtags, every hashtag with #xx-daychallenge is taken. Originally, I wanted to use the number 72 as I have an individual goal of having 72 gym session by April, which means 4 times a week. Super excited about that.

Anyway, I, therefore, lowered the number to 33 and since I want to share the challenges with you and others I thought about the community aspect of the “name”, which is why I added ‘club’ to the hashtag.


Just before I went to bed last night, I explained and discussed my thoughts about this with a friend of mine. But, as I said the hashtag out loud I realized who annoying it is (in my opinion) to pronounce the number 33, I mean, try it, now, just now… you see what I mean?

Anyway, I decided to change the number from 33 to 31. And you might now think: “D, what about the golden 21-day challenge, why not 21?”

Well, I read a Medium post from this American author and entrepreneur James Clear and he made it “clear” for me. I don’t believe 21 days is enough to create a good habit unless it is just about drinking less water with your food, no.


It’s about creating good habits. Why not do it together?

The challenges are set by you, period!

However, you might get inspired by a follower, a friend, a family member or your partner who will do a challenge for themselves, such as deciding to take the bike to work, or wake up 5 am every morning or be vegan or any other challenge.

My debut challenge is to take my vitamins (Vitamin-A-C-D, Zink etc. etc.) every morning, 31 days in total. Start today! Very simple, yet, till this day I’ve not been able to make it a habit for myself. Therefore, I am super excited about this!

Oh, one more thing!


An open playlist #31DayChallengeClub is created on Spotify for you to add songs that help you get into the right mindset for the challenges ahead!

Photo credit: Steven Lelham on Unsplash / Edited by me.

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// Thank you, Salute

Please leave a comment on your first challenge, I am curious to know 🙂


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