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It feels like taking two steps back for one long jump forward. However, in order to take two steps back, my intuition say’s that you should know why and not be afraid of the jump!

You know what it is about. On paper, It’s a simple decision between two choices of quality. But in heart, this is one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make.  If you at this point still have no clue what I am referring to, please click on the link below:



My decision is based on a long term vision of myself, even though I, at this moment, prefer the short term vision as it is present and I don’t have to change much. Let me explain.

I want to start my own company. I want to help and inspire other young people. I want to live flexible. I want to live in a way where I can live anywhere in the world and work at the same time on my computer, Ipad or whatever the world of technology develops during these years. The famous Tony Robbins once said:

It’s not what we get that makes us happy, its who we become and what we are able to give because we become more.

And it’s so true, that is the vision.

Therefore, I have decided to accept the offer-letter from Aarhus University, Marketing Management, and communication BA, (English course), which means that I am moving back to Denmark to study. And here is why:

Moving to Denmark to study means that I can take the same (almost) course within Marketing Management as in London without taking a loan on 27-36000 GBP. And at the same time, I’ll still have the ability to take my 5th semester in London if I want (Which I do!). In addition to my decision of studying in Denmark, I would be able to have extra time to work on my own projects as in blogging and within a business, as I won’t have to worry about an expensive rent or living costs as if I would live in London. This is obviously also due to the financial support we are blessed enough to have in Denmark also called SU. Finally, I would still be able to have part time job on the side in order to save up for my way forward plan and maybe also just to be able to buy a pair of shoes or two in case 😉


My course is a 3-year course with 6 semesters which means by the age of 23 I am finished with a degree in my hand and no debt to worry about and most importantly, hungry for the vision mentioned earlier. Therefore I am not moving ‘BACK’ to Denmark as a settlement. I am moving to Denmark to grow just as I did moving to London and I refuse to go down on ‘speed’ in regards to goals, work ethic, and personal development. So who knows which country/city I will move to after Uni?

To the practical reader, I would like to share how my living situation looks like now as I have decided. First and foremost I am working on to find someone who can take over my room in our flat in London, as well as find a finding new flat in Aarhus to move into. My timeline is tight and besides my own hard work, I have to rely on hope and luck in order to be able to move without having to pay two rents at the same time. Basically, I believe it is all about taking responsibility for my own decisions and this one has definitely been a tough one to take. However, as my friend Henrik told on the phone as I told him about my decision, I have to stay positive in order to have 3 good years and he reminded me that this is a part of a bigger picture and not a settlement. Most importantly he reminded me about friendship, the fact that IT (the friendships developed in  LND) will stay, even though I might not be present as I’ve been till now. But hey, how much is a ticket to London these days? + I have a family member who recently moved to London which means I would have to travel back and forth more than I would’ve done if I didn’t have family in London. Or maybe that’s what we call an excuse? Anyhow, I’ll leave you with this final quote from Les Brown to follow up on one of my good friends from work, Alfie, saying: Change is good!

Take full responsibility for your life, accept where you, are and the responsibility that you gonna take yourself to where you want to go. Someone said we have two primary choices in life. We can either accept conditions as they exist, or we can take the responsibility to change them.

More to come, stay tuned, thank you!

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