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An interesting thing happened today!
I was talking with my brother on the phone and as I tell him that I wanted to take a day off from going to the gym, he quickly replies with: WHAT happened to NO DAYS OFF Daniel? First I was like; That sneaky little…, that ONE time, I decide not to go I get judged!? But at the same time, I was like; Well, there is a difference between not going based on laziness or in terms of prioritizing. In my case, I prioritized not to go as I felt my body needed to rest. Exactly the same way as I prioritized to train every day in Phuket and you know what, I didn’t drink alcohol either….wow how boring ha? Well, I couldn’t care less, cause I choose this lifestyle and I like it! I prioritize certain things, no decision due to religion or any other facts. Imma be me and do what I want because of me. I recommend you to do the same. I know it’s Friday, but do you really want to drink just to drink?

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