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This Wednesday, my friends and I went on our first (in 2018) monthly golf tradition, which includes an hour on the driving range at Greenwich peninsula golf range, finished off with dinner at their restaurant. I truly enjoy traditions like this and something I would highly recommend to someone who has a busy schedule but still find it important to keep in touch with his or her friends.

In our case, a lot of new things has happened and new plans are scheduled for 2018. However, one subject, in particular, caused a discussion aka. ‘debate’ between us. I normally don’t talk out loud about this subject on social media. But, since I am determined to document my truth, this cannot pass by… 3,2,1 – Let’s GO!

I will be going back to university on Monday for the 2.Term of the course, which I am super excited about. However, one question I always ask myself is “Do I want to play the game, or do I want to learn?!” Let me explain.

I study Marketing, a market which develops and moves (almost) as fast as the technological industry. Basically, what I read today is potentially old tomorrow. I feel bad for the professors and lecturers who are writing books for the courses. Don’t get me wrong I admire and acknowledge their hustle. However, my tutor explained to me how long the process is from writing to launching the book. This puts me, you, all of us, into the risk of being “wrong” in the eye of an academic matter.


Here is a specific example and believe me when I say I have many! I bet you have as well. One of the assignments we had to do in term 1 before we went on holiday for Christmas and New Year’s, was to create a blog followed up by a report. This assignment or this course, in general, is truly my favorite, due to the fact that it’s about content creation in the era we live in… or I thought so.

I got my assignment back same night we went out golfing. I got 61% which shocked me! I am usually quite fair with the feedback I get from my tutors. I respect his or her opinion in regards to the setup of the report, as I am still climbing the learning curve in terms of Harvard reference and report layout in The UK (No excuse) But, this time, in terms of the negative-part of the feedback, I was told if I had used more theory from the book I would have gotten a higher mark.

“The people who are doing the work we care about are figuring out what to do next, not to follow what the person told them to do next”

You see, the blog/website I have created is a project of mine, it has nothing to do with my personal blog. I created the website with passion and most importantly with the intention to use it for real as soon as I got it back. Therefore, my approach was to create the best website possible by deploying strategies suitable for the era we live in, yet prepared for the future. However, what I have come to realize is that when you are dealing with The Academic Culture of business/marketing and entrepreneurship. You will be placed in a dilemma of: Do I want to learn or do I want the best grade?

Listen, I wish I could say that those two dilemmas were in one. But the reality is just not like that. The people who are doing the work we care about are figuring out what to do next, not to follow what the person told them to do next. You have to realize, the majority of people who go to College/University is based on the decision on not disappointing their parents and therefore quickly move towards getting the best grade. To some point, I understand. I mean, why not go for the best? However, the question is, is it really the best thing? Do we learn by doing the same things over and over again? Once you get that piece of paper is that going to tell you how successful you are going to be?


Sometimes I think we are being taught not to make mistakes? Which ironically, is where the learning comes from, mistakes, right?! You see, when our parents were young the society told them that school/university aka. The game was the way. For me, the punchline is to discover your passion. Being in College/University is an amazing platform to discover what you like and what you are good at. But, that opportunity only exists if you try things not if you just follow the books.

* Reminder: I am talking about business/marketing/entrepreneurship.

Before you say anything. Sure, I am aware that this might not always be the case and that this might look like I am trying to save my own A** for one bad grade. But, in general, during my time in College and now at University, I see this happening too often. People who are striving to be the best they can be, they get frustrated when they go that extra mile, go out in the real world and deploy what they see in their reports. But, don’t get acknowledged for it.  To you I say: There is a difference between being a student and a practitioner. A student follows by going by the books. A practitioner lead by trying things. Now, who do you want to be?

Remember, I am just sharing my truth. I don’t have the answers. But, I know who I want to be.

//Daniel Najafi

Here is some footage from my Snapchat (Look the last ones for my assignment):






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