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2.Term of University starts tomorrow. Therefore, as we are leaning towards Monday, the new week. I thought I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject of regret and the lack of action, which I sometimes see in others, not because they are lazy. But, because they have a difficult time doing the thing they actually want to do. They give up on the one-yard line. They haven’t overcome the obstacles… If that is you, remember, you are not alone. I have caught myself watching others content for hours without creating the content I actually had intended to do. This is one of the reasons for why I am placing my focus on two things this year: Mindset and To Do!


See, I believe all of us have greatness within us. But, when you don’t come to grips with your greatness and you don’t work to develop it. If you’re not seeking it out. If you’re not finding where it is. If you’re not trying to locate it. If you’re not experimenting with your life to try and find out what’s fits for you, I’m saying that you’re positioning yourself to be a miserable person, in other words, an unfulfilled person. Someone who will start complaining about external stuff in his or her life.


How else do we do it?

We just put things off over and over again, why? Because we haven’t accepted it. We don’t feel deserving, we don’t feel that we’re good enough so, we sabotage ourselves by not ever taking care of “business”. We get real busy doing a lot of things, yet we say “I don’t have any time”…

“Regret is poison”

However, we start doing many things that have nothing to do with the original plan. It can be stupid things, such as wanting to text a specific girl. But, you end up texting another girl or go on Tinder, just because you are afraid of ‘failing’ on the original plan. You see, we end up giving our time away until we don’t have any time for ourselves or anytime to do the things that we want to do.

I am afraid of waking up one day and having regret taking over my mind. My intuition says that every time we put our goal off, by saying: “well, I’ll do it one day, oh yeah I’m going get to it” I’m saying to you that one day you will look around, and there goes the year, there go two years, there go three years…etc!

So my intuition says if there’s something you want to do, do it now, do it right now! Don’t put it off, start right now, where you are. There will never be a perfect or ideal time. Whatever you have going for you right now, that’s enough. Work on that idea, work on it, work on it, work on it. Listen, I believe in it so much!

Here is a snippet of my classic ‘Sunday pump for the week ahead’ – video #LongTitel

Daniel Najafi

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