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A few days ago I looked at my wardrobe and I realized that it feels empty, especially one important thing was missing… A SUIT, or not just one suit, but suitS, plural! Since I’ve moved to London I’ve looked at suits every day and worked with it as well. However, I haven’t yet spent the time on myself to buy a few essential suits for my wardrobe. So I teamed up with some friends and we had an awesome day out in the streets of central LND, try it!

I’m not just talking navy, black and single breasted suits… No no no, I am talking about double-breasted, Olive green in cotton, light brown linen in single breasted and navy wool in double-breasted. However, in the Vlog you’ll also see me in a black double-breasted, and let me tell you why. It’s a classic, I know, you know, everybody knows. But I like to dress those more kind of ‘formal-classic pieces’ down and give it a personal touch with accessories, for instance, I could imagine myself wearing the suits with my black Louboutins sneakers w. spikes, a white t-shirt, Persian rug inspired pocket square or as a scarf, then Glasses with clear lens, then my Cartier bracelet next to a simple and leather strap watch, and to top it off, put some random rings on, to get some roughness!

BTW. Here are the places to go Gents:

Ralph Lauren
Tiger Of Sweden


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