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#TheJourneyOfBecoming is a hashtag I’ve been using for the past couple of weeks, mostly explaining the vision. However, last week I shared the ‘JUMP’ with you which was a kickstart for me to go out of my comfort zone and push content out on media platforms where I haven’t had the confidence to do so before, like Facebook and Twitter.


I have a mentor. Something which I think is super important to anyone who is trying to excel, grow, and learn by doing. During the last part of my 2.year at college, I was honored to get the opportunity to get a professional mentor who supported me in terms of feedback, brainstorming, and give me advice on my plans at the time, which was about Sneakprice and Stylishmenof. Long story short: As I moved to London I lost track of my projects and I didn’t have the same interaction with my mentor anymore, in other words, “Life took over“.

However, 6 months past and I went home to Denmark to see family and friends. As my mentor is also a friend of the family we were invited to dinner at their place. We got the chance to catch up on life, business ideas, visions, and goals etc. The punchline was: “We need to meet in London”. So, very simple, I got home to London and a few weeks later my mentor booked tickets for a weekend in London with his wife, with the agenda of talking ideas with me.




After 2 days of intense verbally brainstorming, we found a super exciting and interesting niche in the market which we believed would be a future project that would collide with our personal and professional goals as well as bringing important value for the future consumers. The idea was (and until this day is) based on creating a specific concept store within the health industry. However, we knew that we would need a big investment in order to move forward with the business idea. So, we looked at what value we could bring now, in order to see proof of market, and developing a brand step by step, which we believed would make a huge impact when (if needed) we would approach the investors with a written business plan for the concept stores. So, we decided to develop the idea of a smart-kit smoothie package. I was EXCITED!

Besides, what I call our ‘fancy work’ = Skype meetings where we discussed the concept, marketing strategy, positioning etc. We had to do the “dirt work”, which is about contacting the suppliers, email every distributor, get quotations from every dealer, and find the correct smoothie recipes for the concept we were about to create/start etc. BUT, but, but…


Don’t you know the feeling of disappointment, frustration, and irritation when you have an idea, a genius idea, a no-brainer, an absolute success idea, but… Then to figure out that it already exists, and that the people with the idea, THEY, have success with it! Maaan, I know that feeling like it was my right jeans pocket (Saying ala me). My intuition says that the number one reason for why this happens is due to the fact that we overthink things and ponder about the outcome, which eventually results in nothing, nothing, nothing!

It has happened to me before, and it happened to me again this time, very recent actually.

During May month, this year (2017) I got following text from my manager on FB asking if we could skype?

During this time I was struggling to find out if I wanted to move back to Denmark or to stay in London to study. At the same time, I had been browsing EVERYWHERE on google to find recipes for smart and healthy smoothie solutions which had to fit into 3 cores focus points: Energy, Protein, and Vitamin. In addition to the recipes, I had collected quotations from distributors and manufacturers. Busy, busy, busy, but I enjoyed it!

Back to the Skype call.

The call was short but simple.

He told me I needed to take time out to figure out what I wanted, which way I wanted to go, and why. When I knew, we could start talking about the business, and in addition to the business he told me “If we were to go further with this together I need you to start thinking about ‘the work’, this is no school project, its long hours, intense, and constantly testing, failing, trying again and just keep doing” he basically told me: All in or nothing!

I respect people who are straightforward like that, therefore I thanked him, and went to discover myself.

A process I shared with you through blog posts:
Read: First I had to decide & then I decided to leave LND, but before it was too late I had to ask myself was that what my heart wanted? the answer was no, therefore I I decided to stay in LND.


It turned October, my favorite time of the year… Close to my birthday, Christmas by the doorstep followed up by New Year’s Eve, a time where we get to evaluate our goals and visions from the previous year and cheer on this thing called life! However, Summer will always be my favorite… anyway…


figure out what I wanted, which way I wanted to go, and why

University life is rolling, and I love it, no bullshit! I am super excited and I am getting into a good routine step by step. Most importantly, as my mentor requested I know what I want and WHY!

Therefore, 3th of October to be precise I sent him multiple texts messages telling him about my Why, what ideas I had, goals, visions and how excited I was to continue our Smoothie project! ding ding ding ding… Sent Sent Sent! 

This quote says it as it is!

He was happy to see how I’ve grown, mentally! However, he made sure to tell me, again: All in or nothing! And I did not hesitate for a second, I want this, I know I can study and work on this… my studies are as important for me as starting the company and funny enough, the fact that I study marketing I can apply, and draw parallel to the process… ALL IN!


All this comes to the following sentence: “It already exists”

As we were about to move forward with the things we had left behind since last time we talked, I realized that what we were about to start already existed, and even though Uber wasn’t the first one on the market, I saw that we were moving into a saturated market… Auch!

However, yesterday we had a Skype call discussing the situation we were in, which eventually led us to talk about other ideas we had written down from last time we had a meeting in London. Step by step, we started to brainstorm on different concepts we had in mind, and eventually, we found it! We truly found a blue ocean opportunity within an industry I find super interesting and most importantly a segment of my core interest, and a segment I believe many people overlook. The Punchline is: Put in the WORK!

As mentioned in previous posts, The work (E.g. When I sit a night and put in contact details of people I need to contact), The process (E.g. Creating a contract, or when I get a rude email back from a distributor judging me based on my age), or in other words; The journey (E.g. Everything related to starting my company) is something I document by the use of following hashtag #TheJourneyOfBecoming, tag along, let me see what you will become, don’t be afraid, it’s your life, yours!

// Look for the hashtag and you’ll know what I’m talking about at that specific moment, here are some moments from my snapchat: Stay tuned, talk soon, thank you!

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