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A friend of mine asked me what I meant with ‘Hustle Wednesday’ in my previous blog post. Actually, I am glad he asked. You see, the answer to that question is something I find interesting to share with you as well.

I have dedicated every Wednesday to the concept of ‘hustle’. In relation to the blog, it is the day I will look back at the week and see what I have done in terms of my professional career, such as University, Internships and most importantly, my entrepreneurial projects which go by the following: ‘StylishMen/WomenOf’ and ‘JDMSocial’. I promise each and one these projects will get a proper introduction and explanation once Ting (My friend, who takes the amazing pictures) and I find a free space on our calendar to take the photos’ we need for the blog. I am keen to finish some of the shoots next week, so not too long before pieces start to fall in the right place for me and for your understanding as well, especially if you’ve just recently ‘tuned in’.


You see, last year, for me, was about taking decisions. However, at the countdown to New Years going into 2018, I decided to do more. Less dwelling and pondering. Enough, with the debating. Time to execute, learn and just do. Therefore, in terms of what you can expect from me, every Wednesday, from next week and forward, is a weekly update on my ‘hustle’ in a practical form. So this is not going to be me, talking about what I “WANT” to do… But, it is going to be about what I “HAVE DONE”.


Before I go, here is a quick and short brief on what’ going on at the moment in terms of my so-called (incoming) ‘professional career’ as described above.

University: I have finished my 2.term of the first year at University, studying Marketing Management. In regards to this, I have three blog posts in drafts which are waiting to be published from next week on. I will be explaining my point of view on the biggest differences between term.1 and 2. I will also be sharing my thoughts on what I wish knew before I started at Uni and etc.

Marketing Internship + Work: You see, now that I’ve finished my first year at Uni, we students don’t have to be back at Uni until end summer, which means I have a lot of free time to do whatever I want. However, in this case, I believe your real character will be exposed. Some people will take these 5 months and do nothing else than book a holiday, lay on the beach and relax or maybe go back home to family and friends for the summer. Very important note: I totally understand the ones who decide to do that, I have absolutely nothing against it. In fact, I have a few holidays spread around as well. However, if people then come back and complain about them having lack of experience or whatever, I will have no empathy. Others, like myself, prefer to invest the majority of the “free time” we have in getting practical with the reality and get experience in the field we study and appreciates. They say time is our biggest asset. Therefore I have planned to spend my time wisely. More specifically, I had been working 3 months on getting an internship meeting with our Marketing, LUX department at Ralph Lauren and only last week I got the meeting confirmed. The meeting went super well, however, nothing was decided and no promises were given. But, this has a story to itself and I will not spare you from it. So, next week, you’ll get to know more in detail about how the meeting went and how I managed to get myself a meeting with the very respected Marketing Director of Ralph Lauren. Additionally, I am still going to be working with the sales team. However, depending on my schedule and hopefully this internship, I am looking into working more hours within the timeframe I have before I start Uni again.

StylishMen/WomenOf: This is a project of mine which I initially started with a friend in Denmark. To be honest, it is one of those ‘on-and-off’ projects where I once in a hile have focused on it and the left again. However, the funny thing is that people keep following, DM’ me and share their thoughts on the project. This has given me such a kick and now just recently understood the importance of what I actually am trying to achieve. It has nothing to do with me, it is about culture, you, and the good message of other creators. It is a project I am very keen on and have written many plans for. Though, as explained above, this is the time execute and just do. Therefore, I will not write about this project till I have actually started the work, which I know will be within two weeks from today.

JDMSocial: Not many know this one. This a combined idea between me and two of my friend from Uni. The thought process was very simple. As we were talking about internships, we started to think about two things: What are our personal goals and what if we won’t get an internship? Based on those things we came up with the following: Lets’ start a company together. A company which is about supplying companies with digital marketing and content marketing solutions. In this way, we get the best of both worlds. 1) We get to experience. 2) We start a company and 3) We bring value to ‘tired companies’ which might just need a little fresh modern kick to get in touch with the reality of the era we live in, in terms of marketing and consumer behaviour. So we did and to be totally honest, we have now gotten 2 clients and 1 on hold for September. We are working with our first client now, as I write, which is within the dentistry industry. All in all, I am super excited about this and also to share the journey with you #TheJourneyOfBecoming.

Scholarships: Last, but not least. As I still have 3 years left at Uni, I am seeking to do the number one thing I forgot to prioritise when I first decided to study in London. Yes, you see it, ‘Scholarships’. A bit of financial help is needed and will be much appreciated. Therefore, the agenda is as following: To write a profile text about myself, how I would spend the money, and why the funds should invest in me. Additionally, I will go out in my network and see who has experience within this field and ask for their advice, help and tips.

All in all, I hope the brief made things a bit more clear for you and hopefully made you a bit curious about what is in the making.

I will leave you with this, my Wednesday (25/04/18) on Snapchat (DanielNajafi_11)

Thank you
//Daniel Najafi


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