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Last night I watched an episode of#ComediansinCarsGettingCoffee with Chris Rock, driving a Lamborghini. Jerry Seinfeld asked him: “How do you like the car?” and Chris replied with something I found super powerful and actually made me call my uncle and arrange a visit today!

He replied: “Everything is about the company. A gourmet meal with an asshole is a horrible meal. But, a pizza with an interesting person is an amazing meal

You see, just like this picture, being in good company can change everything and create memories! However, I am not saying having a nice materialistic thing or being at a beautiful place isn’t worth having or going alone. As I usually say to my little brother “I rather cry in a Porsche”… haha! Anyway, that’s not the point, you get the point.

// Enjoy, salute 
Daniel Najafi

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