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This throwback is looking back on a day where a friend and I went to Central London to take some pictures for my blog. Let me explain: A friend of mine who actually is a client of mine at Ralph Lauren takes pictures as a hobby, you know, one of those who has the right camera, the right lens and knows how to work manual. He is super talented and a person with a good heart! I asked him if he would help me to take some pictures for my blog, which he said yes to. One day, straight after his lecture at Uni, he took the tube and met me in Central London. Do you remember the pictures of me and the birds flying around me? Yep, he was the man behind the camera.


However, the reason I choose to post this exact story (Throwback) is due to the fact that I, tomorrow (24/01/17) will be starting working on capturing my lifestyle aka. truth with high-quality pictures and a touch of creativity. Actually, this was originally the plan back then. But, was too afraid of going for it, because I was overthinking it and now…Well, here I am, older, wiser and fear-Less. Let’s test it! The champion behind the camera is a friend of mine who I have gotten to know through university. I will introduce him properly very soon, he deserves a proper introduction. Anyway, I am super excited to start working with my friend on this project. I am not saying more, let’s see what happens. #DocumentMyTruth #Lifestyle

WHEN & WHERE DO I Document My Truth?

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