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TOP 5 #NewMusicFriday – EXPLAINED


Before I took a “break” I created a playlist on Spotify called ‘Top 5 #NewMusicFriday’. The idea behind is very simple; Every Friday I pick 5 of favourite new songs for the week and share it on the playlist.

However,  a few of you have asked me why and what the motive is behind it?


You see, I’ve always been intrigued by the ability to listen to the newest, latest, unofficial, non-popular songs. Generally speaking, music has always been a key tool in my life, whether it would be to create memories or to escape the present time and move into my own world or just to dance.  Music has always been a way of expressing and/or exposing my inner emotions. Very similar to this, fashion aka. personal style is used in the same way in terms of self-expression. When people ask how I would describe my style I would say the following; Simplicity with a spark of culture and unexpected detail.

In addition to this, I, therefore, find it boring to follow the mainstream trend. Whether it would be to wear the same Nike sneakers or to listen to the same song over and over again. By listening to a new song that yet has been discovered by the radio stations or socially accepted by the subcultures, I personally get a positive and self-fulfilling feeling, when I then 2/3 weeks after I’ve been listening to a song get a comment or someone approaches me with: “Hey, have you heard this song?”… haha, yes I have, like 3 weeks ago. There is one song, in particular, which I remember kickstarted my interest and curiosity in discovering the newest and/or unreleased songs. ‘Hold My Hand’ with Michael Jackson and Akon was officially released 2010. However, my best friend and I had already listened to the song a year prior to the official day. After that episode, my low-key obsession started.

With that being said, here is a link to the playlist, feel free to follow: Top 5 #NewMusicFriday on Spotify.

20/04/2018 – SONGS

  • OTW: by Khalid, 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign.
  • Nothing Compares 2 U: by Prince.
  • Need You Right Now: by HEDEGAARD, Hayley Warner.
  • All Or Nothing: by Naughty Boy, RAY BLK, Wyclef Jean.
  • 2002: by Anne-Marie.

Keep in mind, every Friday the songs that were previously on the playlist will be removed and replaced with 5 new songs. 

If you feel there is a song I’ve missed and need to add on, please send me a DM or Snapchat on Danielnajafi_11

Thank you
Happy Friday

//Daniel Najafi


What do you mean by ‘a break’?


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