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UPDATE ON #31DayChallengeClub


Whats up with all the hashtags?

Don’t worry. Take it step by step. There are 3 hashtags:

#TheJourneyOfBecoming, which is a ‘documentation’ on the upsides, downsides and everything in between within my journey in terms of career, touching base on entrepreneurship, marketing and life as a university student in LND.

#NewMusicFriday is aimed at you who wants to listen to the newest music before it gets mainstream. This is explained in details in a previous blog post called:

And finally, #31DayChallengeClub is about creating good habits for yourself. I actually explain the thought behind the idea of the concept in following blog post: and how the hashtag can or could be used:

  • Goal:
    • You want to run every morning.
  • Challenge:
    • 31 days in a row you will have to wake up and go out for a run.
  • How to use the hashtag?:
    • You are now outside, you are about to start your route. You take a picture of your running shoes or the sun or a selfie with a thumbs up etc. You post that picture on Instagram or Snapchat or on Facebook or any other platform. However, in the caption, after you have written what you want to write you’ll add the hashtag: #31DayChallengeClub.
  • What does the hashtag do?
    • It helps you keep track on how far you are in the process E.g. If you write the number on every post “15/31”. Basically, you are documenting your process and sharing it with others who will be inspired by your actions and not your words.


My first challenge for myself was to take my vitamins pills every day. Update on that = I’ve become better at taking my vitamins throughout the week. However, I’ve not successfully continued on the path of doing it every day.

My second challenge was to do 100 crunches every day. Update on that = I do 100 crunches 5 times a week. You see, for around 2 months now I’ve been going to the gym Monday to Friday and rest days on Saturday/Sunday’s. All in all, I would say I’ve successfully continued on the habit of doing at least 100 crunches 5 times a week.

Now, the question goes: What’s next?

What will be my next challenge and how will I document it?

First, I thought about doing 100 push-ups… But, again is about staying true to the core message of the challenge. It is about creating new and good habits for yourself and or others. Actually, as I was writing this, my friend, who is visiting me from Denmark, asked me about the “hashtag” and I was describing the concept and what kind of challenges I have given myself so far, she said:

“Why don’t you try to drink more water”?

You know what? That’s perfect! I always complain to myself about why and how I forget to drink water throughout the days. I mean, have we all not been ‘educated’ by our parents, friends and/or others on how important it is to drink a lot of water, yet so few actually remember to do it, including me.

I guess, what I am trying to say is the following: From today 22/04/18 and 31 days forward I have the challenge of drinking 2 Litres of water every day (keep the date 22/05/18, in mind). However, in terms of documenting it, I will do the following: Post on an Instagram story and on Snpachat every time I have finished my 2 Litres of water and additionally, I will post a weekly update every Sunday on subjects regarding the challenge such as ‘benefits of drinking water’, ‘facts about water’ and or basic update on how my challenge is going i.g. ‘what is the biggest challenge of trying to drink minimum 2 litres of water every day?

Now, enough with the talking. As mentioned before ‘Ideas are shit, execution is the game’… But, before I go out to the kitchen and drink my first percentage of water I will recommend you to take a peek look at following blog posts, as I describe in detail how you can use the hashtag and how it is relevant to you. Remember, this is not about me:

Please send me a DM or Snapchat (Danielnajafi_11) on what you think about the challenge or if you want to join maybe?


Thank you,
Sunday Funday!

//Daniel Najafi


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