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The intention of this blog is to share my truth. If you haven’t read the meaning behind the statement ‘Document my truth’ do yourself the favor and read my blog post called: I DOCUMENT MT TRUTH.

Picture by my talented friend: Ting Deuansavanh / Mason

However, the intention of this post is to address the questions “Why haven’t I called my family this month?”

After the past of my dear grandmother, I felt the need to prove something. To someone, to her, to my parents, to my brother, to myself. But, prove what? To be honest, in terms of my parents, I felt some need to make them feel that their life is worthwhile, that they did something special by just the fact that they brought me to the world. After the pass of my grandmother, I have a different fire in my eyes. It’s fearless. It’s constantly developing. It’s unusual confident. However, along the way, I’ve discovered the true reason for my behavior. As mentioned, I have barely called to talk to my family back home in Denmark. For some, it might be normal. But, for me, it is not. I am used to speaking with them on a regular basis.

I think it comes down to my/our so-called ‘defense mechanisms’ trying to mix denial with sublimation in order to avoid any awareness on the subject of death, at the same time seeking to satisfy with a substitute subject, which in my case has been to sell watches from our store. Why? Without going into depth and risk my position at work I can share the following with you: Within February month there has been given a special “deal” which allows the return on investment/work to potentially change my life, financially. This month I am going for it hard! Every day I DM people and companies on Instagram, I’ve joined every diamond/watch/jewelry forum, facebook group, and blogs you can think of and yes, I have been banned from many of them as well. I have visited a dozen of jewelers in central London. I have partnered up with people in my network who are kindly helping me expanding my outreaches. Actually, one of my friends, who is helping me closely on this subject borrowed a few minutes from his lecture to bring awareness to the watch I am trying to sell. Besides all this, the journey aka. the story of how my friend and I are working towards the goal is something we believe would be inspiring to the public and therefore we’ve also sent more than 20 press emails to newspapers around London.

Working on Uni assignments | Picture by my talented friend: Ting Deuansavanh / Mason


“The number one mistake I see people make, by observing people who are pushing on the title of being an influencer or life coach, from young to adults and surely in my age as well, is that they’re trying to oversell themselves because they think they need it to get people’s attention. But, what I’ve come to realize is that the ROI of ‘talking to the world’ by sharing the process of what you are going through is much more powerful in the long term than the advice they think they should be giving others in the short term” – Gary Vee.

Wait? I know I talk a lot about the principle of ‘Short-term V.S. Long term’ and you might think my obsession with selling this watch goes in conflict with what I am “preaching” about. However, one very important detail here is the following: THE PROCESS!

Have I sold the watch yet?



My learning curve is growing exponentially in terms of communication skills, watch knowledge, direct marketing etc. At the end of the day, I want to be able to say to myself at the end of this month that I at least did EVERYTHING I possibly could do and hey, I am not going to stop at the end of this month, I’ll stop when the watch(es) is/are sold. You see, others at work simply don’t believe this is possible. They can’t see it happening for them unless a customer comes in and ask “Can I have that watch”? When I talk with my managers at work and say ‘I have a client who is interested’ they all get super excited and asks “How”? Well, I’ll share my answer with you guys: Because it is possible!

Picture by my talented friend: Ting Deuansavanh / Mason


“…nobody is going to pay that amount for a watch”

You see, the day I was told about the incentive I got home from work and told my friend Henrik about it. In a joke, I said “Imagine if I sold it. But, no way, nobody is going to pay that amount for a watch, right”. However, Henrik didn’t react like any other person. He took me very seriously and told me something that changed my perception 100% towards ‘It’s possible’!

Henrik: “It is not your job to think or justify how much a customer can or can not pay. The only thing you care about is bringing value and provide the best service by having excellent knowledge of your product.” 

This is so true! So true! So truuue!


… And how does this relate to why I haven’t called my family?

As mentioned, after the pass of my grandmother I’ve had a difficult way of dealing with the reality of it. Additionally, I haven’t picked up my phone and called my closest friends in Denmark and I suddenly placed my own project Stylishmenof last on the list of priorities. However, I placed university and health on the top of my list! Therefore, I am not concerned and I don’t regret anything. But, now I want to get back in touch with my family, friends and get back to the hustle, on my project. I am not saying I will be deprioritizing my university work or my health for the next months. I am just adding on the last important pieces, in order to win on the long term.

This is my truth | Picture by my talented friend: Ting Deuansavanh / Mason

Thank you for reading!
It is possible!

Daniel Najafi



  1. Krzysztof Krzysztof

    Hello lovely Daniel!

    Just discovered your blog this morning thanks to Chris Lungo. It’s a very enjoyable read and visual execution. Thanks! ??

    • Daniel Najafi Daniel Najafi

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you so much, your kindness is truly appreciated!:)

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