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Hi there.
I know that your time is your biggest asset. Therefore, I appreciate you taking 3 minutes out of your day to read about why I have waited 6 months to share with you what I have to say today.

I have started a company.

This is something I have aspired to do since I was a child. But the year I really got curious, was the year I started College, 2013. Now, in between 2013 and today (2018) I’ve started a lot of different projects, some I’ve stopped, some I’ve finished, some I’ve placed on pause etc. etc. However, the number one biggest challenge is the fact that before you can call yourself an entrepreneur before you can say ‘I run a business’, the business itself simply needs to make money. That’s it.

Be mindful, I am not saying the business should be making millions the first day… But, the reality is if you are not making money and/or if you have not registered the company with *Companies House, you are technically not a business… YET.

* Companies House: is the United Kingdom's registrar of companies and is an executive agency and trading fund of Her Majesty's Government.



This has been something which has been bothering me ever since I started my first project. I was walking around saying ‘I am an entrepreneur’ without actually having a registered company. Now, I don’t feel ashamed. Cause to be fair, I WAS building something from scratch and I did everything that comes with doing that. But, the problem was ‘I was not making money’. Why? You see, I was not selling a pen, I was not selling an item. All my projects have been about giving value in some sort of service form e.g. Sneakprice was about giving customers an overview of the sneaker market and seeing the best prices. StylishMenOf was about showcasing and acknowledging the diversity of men’s style amongst today’s creators around the world. CarView was a website designed to minimize the time that comes with finding and buying a brand new car. Click here to read more about when we won the National Entrepreneur Exhibition (It is in Danish. But, you can translate it).



Now, lets get to the point. The question remains the same:

Why have I waited 6 months to announce that I, alongside my business partner Jamal, have started the company JDM Social Ltd…?

The answer is simple.
I wanted the work to talk for itself.

Therefore, I now feel it is the perfect timing to be more open about what we are working so hard on. The initiative to bootstrap a business began early this summer, April 2018. We had 5 months of holiday from University where we could do anything we wanted. Now, our original plan was to find internships in the industry we love, Marketing. However, not all of us was lucky enough to find a place. Myself, for instance, I was working for 4 months previous to the holiday to get myself an internship at the Marketing team in Ralph Lauren. But, they declined my passionate application offering to help and learn without asking for any kind of salary.

This got me fired up, I was tired of asking people for permission to do what I love, bringing value. Therefore, I teamed up with Jamal, who actually already had an internship in place, yet, he was still committed to believing in this project while working at the internship at the same time. Myself, I had (still have) two jobs (Sales associate and Waiter) and a few holidays booked meaning, our calendar was fully booked, yet we dropped the excuses and started the hustle!

The way we worked during the summer was by making a to-do-list and brief on the weekends, and then do the work during the week, which usually meant late nights and early mornings.

Our goal was simple, to help businesses grow using social media; to build social brands. We’ve had our rocky moments and have learned so much in this last 6 months. There is nothing better than receiving positive feedback from your clients and seeing the hard work that you put in, pay off. We have much further to go but I’m proud of where we have come so far.



Everything we do, we believe in challenging the norm to provide the most value,
we believe in being social in a digital era.


The way we provide the most value is by creating bespoke Marketing and Social Media solutions.


We build social brands.


Sounds interesting?
Have a look for yourself.

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Again, thank you for reading.
More blog posts coming soon.

Daniel Najafi

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  1. Emmanuel Mogaji Emmanuel Mogaji

    It always nice to read about your progress. I acknowledge your hardwork and effort you have made so far. I wish you (and Jamal) all the best. Let me know when you have you IPO.

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