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Hi again, here is a question: “Alexa, what day is it today“?

You see, we live in a world where the answer to that question can be more than just ‘Thursday’, it can also be ‘Throwback Thursday’ or ‘Training Thursday’ or more… However, in terms of #ThrowbackThursday, I always wondered what the ‘unwritten rule’ was for how “old” the specific content has to be before you can identify it as a ‘Throwback’? Here is my take on it: I think as long as the content (picture, video or audio) is more than a week old you can identify it as a so-called Throwback memory. I have no specific reason to why but, a week just feels like the right ‘minimum’ timeframe. Anyway, let’s get to the point.


I started at University Of Greenwich the 18/19th of September 2017 and I have a few years left. However, when I look back, it is crazy to see how fast time has flown by. I clearly remember the first day of Uni and especially the stressful months before starting or in order words deciding whether to study in London or not. Though the first year went super fast, a lot of things has happened, many new expression and great memories have already been established with the amazing new group of people I’ve got to know within these 2 terms. It’s difficult to put in words how much and what exactly has happened in the course of this year.

Therefore, I decided to do this thing, where I for the next few Thursdays break my experience at Uni and thoughts about it up in small pieces such as: ‘Top 10 things I knew before I started’ or ‘1.Term vs. 2.Term’ or about the people I’ve meet and got close with and maybe a real insight into how it is to be a student at the University Of Greenwich. However, before we get there, I wanted to dedicate the first post to what and who gave me the fire and courage to me take the jump in terms of my decision to study in London, THANK YOU!


When I had to decide if I wanted to study in Denmark or in London, two major sources pushed me to go with my gut and to this day I am grateful for everything it has given me. The first and far most important source of why I am studying in London now is my family. My father, in particular, kickstarted my vision of studying and living in an English spoken environment. You see, I am very proud of both of my parents, in this case, I remember one day when he got home from work and told the family that they’ve hired a new director at the company he worked for at the time, I then asked him why he wasn’t the director? His reply was reasonable and understandable. However, the part that I paid close attention to was when he said (in short vision): “If just my English skills were this (super good), I would have had been able to climb the latter even higher than now.”

In this case, I am like: Well, you can just go to class and learn more than you already know? So you see, I am not going ‘ohhh pore my father’, no, its a choice! Also, with his story, I got confirmation on the importance of having good language skills in English, in order to ‘climb this ‘latter of success’. It actually made me angry, to see my father being cable of something more, but not takin advantage of it. However, seconds after, the story made me go: Yep, okay, now lets hunt! It made me hungry to do what my father never did and till this day I am chasing, chasing to prove, the proof that it is possible and to show my father that I won’t be doing the same mistake as he.

Secondly, within my years of being in college, I got to taste how it feels like when someone else has to determine your destiny and that if you don’t play by the rules you won’t get rewarded for what you deserve. In order words, the last English teacher I had in college never managed to reward me with the best grade for my verbal skill in English, no matter what I did, no matter how much I worked my accent, she never gave me the top grade which in Denmark is the number 12, which is equivalent to an A or A+ here in the UK. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of the reality of the situation, maybe I just wasn’t qualified enough? Maybe I didn’t speak enough in class, maybe this and this… However, in my defence, when I see that throughout my 3 years in college, she didn’t upgrade OR downgrade my grade in my English verbal skills. I refuse to believe that I didn’t improve my English skills year by year, I mean, how come my writing grades got improved and rewarded twice but, nothing with my verbal grades? All in all, this is not meant to be a big rant about why I didn’t get the best grade. However, it is about showcasing how I reverse engineered the lack of trust and believe in my English skills to something positive by going offence on my goals and visions. You see, every day I am proving her wrong and at the same time deploying gratitude to the motivation she gave me, in order to do so!


I am a firm believer in that by looking back you will slow down. But, that’s if you keep staring and pondering about the past. However, in order to take the next step, you got to make sure you are going the right direction, not ‘in the eye of society’ but in the eye of yourself and your visions! Therefore, as the famous quote says; “I only look back to see how far I’ve come”. I think it’s fair to argue that it is a beneficial tool to use whether we are in a moment of being spiritual sound or if we feel like we are going in circles. Anyway, I’ll finish this first post out of a few on the following note: “A wise man knows he knows nothing“.

Thank you for reading,
//Daniel Najafi

P.S – “One more thing”

Here are some essential blog posts, which I wrote in the times of stress and frustration as I had to make a decision which would at least affect 4 years of my life, I personally, find it interesting to read how I thought about things in that stage of mind and then see how I developed on that mind later on:





Finally, here are some random moments I’ve captured from Uni within the first month I started. Honestly, it is crazy to see how fast this year has gone by… Btw. Everything is captured on Snapchat: Danielnajafi_11






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